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Recommended by Professionals

Wallace Lu, Personal Trainer at the Sports+ Global Fitness Center 

The shoulder joint is essential for various kinds of body training. I recommend RC RELEASE because of its unique health care benefits for the shoulders. Just like the foam roller, it will be a necessity for every gym goer.

Dr. Yi-Ling Chen, Orthopedist at Yonghe Cardinal Tien Hospital

There are lots of outpatients who come to me with shoulder problems. Among these people, there is no shortage of athletes and gym goers. Some of their shoulder pain is caused by rotator cuff tendonitis, some is due to rotator cuff tear and some due to adhesion. The creation of RC RELEASE, which targets the myofascial trigger points of the rotator cuff muscles, would be of great benefit to these people.

Adriel Francois, Fitness Youtuber 

Youtube channel:Cobracamp

Many sports enthusiast and fitness lovers experience shoulder issues at some point in their sport and fitness journey. Presently there are very few products that address this problem. I think the RC RELEASE is definitely a good step in the right direction of physical care outside of workouts.

I-Han Tai, Bachelor’s Degree from China Medical University Department of Physical Therapy

Lots of clinic patients with shoulder pain have rotator cuff problems. Therapists can manipulate the rotator cuff muscles through palpation, but taking care of one’s own rotator cuff at home is difficult due to its deep location. (Unlike the thigh for example, where one can use a foam roller to massage it easily.) However, the birth of RC RELEASE solves this problem. RC RELEASE provides users with a thorough self-massage for their rotator cuff muscles. I think it is quite a practical invention, not only for sports lovers but also for all patients to maintain healthy shoulders.

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