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  Hsien-Wen Yu

  • Inventor of RC RELEASE

  • Founder of REVCOVERY, Corp.

  • Sports Science & Physics Specialist

Hsien-Wen Yu, the inventor of RC RELEASE self-myofascial release kit, was a bodybuilding enthusiast who suffered a subscapularis tear during a competition season. 


From that experience, he noticed that shoulder pain does not only occur for certain people but rather is widely seen on frequent gym-goers. He also found that a lot of physiotherapy treatments performed on his shoulder injury (including ice/hot packing, passive stretching and electrotherapy) had limited effect. The most effective and direct treatment he tried was myofascial trigger point release which provided the most relief for his shoulder pain and allowed him to do upper body training during his rehabilitation period. 


After the competition in 2014, Hsien-Wen decided to design a self-treating tool to provide thorough massage relief for the shoulder joint based on his rehabilitation experience. Now, even though Hsien-Wen has already recovered from his shoulder injury, he still strives for his goal to help others struggling with shoulder pain. He hopes that people who love training, sports, or any kind of physical activity can benefit from the result of all his hard work – RC RELEASE.

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