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Supraspinatus muscle

With the fingertip imitating design, the RC RELEASE mode 2 - hook massager - deals with the supraspinatus of the rotator cuff and the muscles of the upper back & neck (including the trapezius muscle, the levator scapulae muscle, etc.).



Check the description video for operating details!

The supraspinatus is a relatively small muscle of the upper back. It is located on the superior part of the scapula, just above the scapula spine which is a prominent bone plate on the shoulder blade. You can place your fingers on your shoulder blade then poke around until you find a thin bony part (scapula spine) that sticks out and runs horizontally. Let your fingers slide upwards off this bony part and you will have your fingers on the supraspinatus.

The supraspinatus acts to abduct the shoulder joint. The most common problem that occurs with the supraspinatus is "Shoulder Impingement Syndrome" which is commonly seen in weightlifters, swimmers, and baseball pitchers. People in the gym who do upright rows and lateral raises with their elbows above their shoulders are most likely to develop shoulder impingement.

※ Warning:

The rotator cuff is a sensitive area. Be sure to work only on the muscles. Stop the massage if you feel any unusual discomfort (such as sharp pain, numbness, burning sensation, etc.). Only a dull relieving pain (a good pain) should be felt when the muscles are being massaged.

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