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Infraspinatus muscles & Teres minor muscles

The RC RELEASE massage ball is excellent for using on various parts of the body including the rotator cuff (Infraspinatus & Teres minor), chest, upper/mid/lower back, thigh, calf, etc. The specially designed pattern enhances the efficacy of the massage.



Check the description video for operating details!

Located on the posterior part of the scapula, the Infraspinatus and the teres minor are below the scapula spine. Find the scapula spine (as explained in the description of mode 2) then let your fingers slide downwards off the scapula spine and you will have your fingers on the infraspinatus. The teres minor, which is a narrow, elongated muscle, is on the lateral border of the scapula.

The infraspinatus and teres minor are the external rotators of the shoulder joint. They act together to rotate the head of the humerus. An injured infraspinatus usually leads to a severe referred pain spreading from the front side of the deltoid to the biceps.

※ Warning:

The rotator cuff is a sensitive area. Be sure to work only on the muscles. Stop the massage if you feel any unusual discomfort (such as sharp pain, numbness, burning sensation, etc.). Only a dull relieving pain (a good pain) should be felt when the muscles are being massaged.

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